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My name is Katrina I am a Psychic & Spiritual Reader with 35 years experience.

I have worked with the public in the spiritualist church as an overhead reader which involved reading a persons personal object (which is known as Psychometry) or as a Clairvoyant. I have worked for many businesses such as The Oracle as a personal reader at the new age centre. Also I have worked at the Copper Kettle, the Redbank Cotton Mills, the Zen new age shop all as a personal reader.

Due to my vast experience I am able to bring together many  areas of expertise during your reading.

My accomplishments include:

  • Reiki Practioner
  • Group Facilitator including Meditation Groups
  • Ass. Dip. Community Welfare (specialising in Counselling)
  • Certificate in Social Welfare (specialising in Counselling)
  • Qualified Counsellor including Spiritual Counselling in my readings



I have 35yrs experience in Reading for clients. Over those 35yrs I have dedicated myself to the Metaphysical Science. Like anything someone has a passion for you need to apply and work on that passion. My upbringing has been interesting. In fact my Mother is a Medium. I guess I was destined to work and study this field myself. So as a child I would not understand any of my mother’s (what I called) so called antics. You see you often read about people having the gift and seeing, hearing and even direct manifestations with the Spirit World. That was the case for my mum. She has inspired many with her abilities. So along comes me as green as a lettuce thinking I was born into a house of a Witch. The thing is that I was a late bloomer. Also take into consideration in the 50’s and 60’s there was less of an understanding of all things that go boom in the night. Or to put it in the perspective things that could not be explained by the orthodox sciences.

...So began my journey much later in life. I started to realize that things are not always black and white, that the Universe is full of secrets just waiting to be unveiled. I sat in Meditation classes for many years. This also helped me in developing my natural gifts. So natural gifts yes and hard work yes. Now I could go on forever about this story but I hope this overview gives you some insight into the world of the unique and still much un-explored world of Spirit, Soul, and Consciousness of the Higher Self.

I bring these modalities together with my psychic, tarot and Psychometry in my minimum one hour face to face or tape mail readings.

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