When I read for a client I always use the past, present and future. You might ask: why? Why would I want to know about my past? This is just as important as what your future will hold. You may know your past, but do you know yourself meaning that often the past blocks any forward movement to your future. We all have excess baggage of some kind, whether it is lost of confidence for instance, due to some past issue. This can create a block in finding your future goals. Due to the confidence issue holding you back (this of cause is an example). Many different types of circumstances can create future problems in obtaining your desires and in your god given natural gifts.

I would also like the client to understand that there is no such thing as time. Time is manmade. In other words (everything happens simultaneously). The vibration of the spirit world is at a different spin to that of the Earth Plain. Therefore we need to adjust our thinking. For instance you may think, why I have not had Uncle Fred come through my Reading for example. Uncle Fred’s time is a flicker of an eye lid in the spirit world. Even if Uncle Fred past over 10yrs ago in our so called time. To Uncle Fred, it may as well been ten minutes. It is hard to get a handle on this theory but worth thinking about. Vibrational energy of the Spirit World is different to our Earthly World.

Remember when I am reading for a client it is like watching a movie screen. The problem with this is that there are many commercial breaks. Just like your television I am using Clairvoyants; I am split between you and the Spirit World. The hard part for me is having to stop to relay the image, words or message to you, then tune back to what I call upstairs. This has taken discipline and dedication on my part. Yes a natural gift. But like all natural gifts (whether it is a natural gift for singing). Takes time practice and dedication to fine tune those skills. I hope this forms a picture for you.

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