The Reverend I.L. Stanton
runs Meditation classes
from Tingalpa, Brisbane
Small Groups.

* Great Development circle.

* Highly recommended

Ph: 07 3890 0841


 Judy is also a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner, and conducts seminars on a regular basis in South East Queensland.

You can visit her website at and

.. .

JUDY CARROLL - ET Contactee, Author, Reiki Teacher

Judy Carroll has had ongoing contact with the Zeta/Greys since early childhood. During a daytime encounter in 1983, she came to fully conscious realisation of her family connection with these beings, and the fact that she is one of them, born here on Earth in human form in order to more easily carry out her role of ambassador and communicator.

Judy has written 2 books – The Zeta Message, co-authored by Helene Kaye, which is a non-fiction account of human/ET contact written from the human perspective, giving a great deal of information and answering many questions on this subject, along with helpful hints on how to deal with and move beyond the fear aspect.

Her other book, Human by Day, Zeta by Night, presented in  a semi-fictional storyline to enable Zeta reality to be related more easily in Earth human terms, deals with this subject matter entirely from the ETs’ perspective. This book gives detailed information on ET contact, star children, human evolution and consciousness, God, energy, the universe, implants, crop circles and much, much more.


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